Colin Baker Actually is Inspector Morse!

The colour-coated Sixth Doctor recently provided a rather long list of similarities between his own personality and that of Inspector Morse as seen in the novels by Colin Dexter in an interview with WalesOnline

I did Greek at grammar school. I don’t like spiders, blood or heights. I prefer instant to ground coffee. I love doing the Times crosswords and when I did it on a daily basis could do it in much the same time as Morse.

I get hot under the collar about the misuse of English and correct people’s grammar. I cannot wear wool. I was emphatically not a boy scout. I played a bit of tennis and had a mean backhand.

That’s only about half of the rather unique quirks that Baker and Morse have in common.  Whoever cast Baker as the detective in the stage production performing this week was either very clever or very lucky.

Colin also mentioned an interesting statistic about Doctor Who’s ratings:

I’ve enjoyed immensely watching [NuWho]. However when I left, the ratings were exactly the same, 5-6 million, as they are now, they were no different.

I know the television landscape has changed but it’s ironic nonetheless.

If you have £8-£25 per person for admission and you’re in the Cardiff area, why don’t you go see Colin in Inspector Morse: House of Ghosts at The New Theatre any night until Saturday?  Call 029 2087 8889 to purchase tickets!

Patrick Riley


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