Doctor Who “Shatters” Records

Though it hardly needs reporting, Doctor Who’s been popping up everywhere in the Guinness World Records lately!

In fact, the Whoniverse has so many unbeaten statistics that the new edition of the book for 2011 features an entire section dedicated to the franchise!  In addition to having already edged out St– Tr– for the title of “Most Successful Sci-Fi Series,” the Doctor Who world also holds the record for “Longest Running Magazine Based on a Television Series” thanks to Doctor Who Magazine.  Plus, our favourite programme has this year added to its previously-held record of “Longest Running Sci-Fi Series” with a new total of 769 episodes including the TV Movie.

New Who-related feats in this year’s book are awarded to Matt Smith as the youngest-serving Doctor, Tom Baker as the longest-serving Doctor, and Fraser Hines as the longest-serving companion.

“But wait!” you say, “Aren’t those ‘records’ blindingly obvious?  Aren’t they like saying that tea holds the record for the most popular liquid in Great Britain?”

To this, we agree, but at the same time, we’re not complaining…  It’s pretty clear that these “new” figures were simply put in the book as an excuse to have a Doctor Who section in the first place, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that!  It’s simply more of the recognition that Who deserves!

If you’re interested in records and the latest collection of amazing feats from around the work, you can check out these and other record-breaking facts for just £10 from Amazon!

(Via Gallifrey News Base)

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