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An interview at MCV with BBC Worldwide’s Vice President for Digital Entertainment, Robert Nashak, has bits and pieces that provide plans and insight about how the company approaches Doctor Who: The Adventure Games and other Whoniverse-related titles:

‘In this day and age we can think about putting Doctor Who on a box on a shelf.  But it is almost more interesting to think about giving the fan incremental bits of Doctor Who. The power of the TV format can become more relevant in the gaming space.’

But there’s not just one type of TV format, like the family-ness of Who, that fits the model.  In fact, why not make Torchwood games?  It’s possible that BBC Worldwide is considering just that, based on interview writer Christopher Dring’s commentary:

[Nashak’s] team is also being challenged to work with the TV teams – such as those working on the upcoming US edition of Torchwood – to develop ‘360 degree digital strategies.’

Unfortunately, the article doesn’t explain what a “360 degree digital strategy” actually is, but surely the word “game” must be somewhere in it’s definition, right?  After all, are there any of us who wouldn’t want to make Captain Jack do whatever we want him to?  Hey, look!  A gutter!  Don’t put your mind there.

According to Nashak,

Towards the end of the year you will start to see stuff in mobile and iPad.

Could this mean that even more platforms will experience the gloriousness that is Doctor Who?  We’ve already got The Adventure Games on the PC and Mac, and we’ll soon be seeing Evacuation Earth on the Nintendo DS and Return to Earth on the Wii…

If Who hits the iPhone, BBC Worldwide should first develop a ‘Psychic Paper’ app, that displays nothing but a blank screen and gives the user VIP admission to… er… concerts.

Here’s another link to the article at MCV!

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