Stephen Cole, author of dozens of Whoniverse-related novels covering both the classic and new series, Bernice Summerfield, and The Sarah Jane Adventures, recently entertained dozens more young students last Monday at Albany Hills State School in Queensland, Australia, showing off his apparently authentic-sounding electronically unassisted Dalek imitations.

The school librarian, Joan Whitlock, commented,

He was great and he had them eating out of his hands.

He initially [said that] he could not do the Dalek voice without the machine but he relented after persistence from the pupils.  He did a good job of the voice.

In addition to Exterminating the children, Cole also autographed 40 copies of his/their books.

A youth film school with Doctor Who themes, a spinoff produced in Brisbane, and now a Whovian author enlightening delighted pupils!  With all this enthusiasm for Who coming from the other side of the world, one who doesn’t know any better and can’t distinguish the accents might think it an Australian programme rather than a British one!

Come to think of it, what would an Australian-accented Doctor give to the show?  It was globally agreed earlier this year that an American Doctor is an awful idea, but what about an Aussie?  Or, for that matter, a Russian?  Or how about an Egyptian?  Doctor Who will always be a British show, but must its hero always fit perfectly into UK culture?  After all, the past 47 years have revolved around change.  I’m not saying that I think a foreign Doctor should be seriously considered; I’m just curious about what one might be like.

Hey, look!  A comment section!  What a perfect place to muse!

Patrick Riley


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