Florence and the Time Machine?

Our beloved Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, has once again named an actor (or in this case, -tress) he’d like to spend time with on Doctor Who.

This time, the lucky winner is musician Florence Welsh, whom you may already be familiar with, if you listen to Florence and the Machine.  Matt named her among those he wants involved in Who while preparing to tour with Doctor Who Live:

Florence from Florence And The Machine – I’d quite like her to do one.

Matt’s list of actors he’d like to work with is growing all the time!  It already includes Eric Cantona, Helena Bonham Carter, and the greatest Ninth Doctor that never was, Rowan Atkinson.  Since it would be rubbish to have more than one “celebrity” guest star per season, it looks like we’ve got Matt Smith for at least another four years, if he gets his way and is allowed screen time with all of them!

Although, it would be pretty cool if Eric Cantona, Helena Bonham Carter, Rowan Atkinson, and Florence Welsh all appeared together in one episode. Throw in John Barrowman as Captain Jack and tack on a good writer to figure out how they all got together, and we could have one of the best Who stories of all time!

Okay, maybe not.  But almost.

(Via Digital Spy)

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