Huge New Who Attraction in 2012

BBC Worldwide has issued a statement to a number of Whoniverse-related websites, including Kasterborous, regarding an upcoming death and rebirth of the official Doctor Who exhibit business.

First, the bad news: all three current attractions face an imminent demise.  Newcastle has only a month, ending on October 31st, Land’s End shuts down on the last day of the year (that’s December 31st in case you’re bad at reading calendars), and the main arena in Cardiff goes dark on March 27th of next year.

But don’t lose hope, because this isn’t the end of Who museums as we know it!  In fact, they’re really just taking a Doctor-Who-2009-style vacation.

Says the Beeb:

BBC Worldwide is delighted that its  relationship with the home of the show will continue as we develop a new and larger Doctor Who attraction which we plan to open in Cardiff in 2012 at a new site.  We have consulted with the City Council for the past 18 months regarding our plans and we are confident that the new attraction’s features, size and location will draw many more fans to the Welsh capital from across the UK.

The BBC goes on to mention that a future, more public announcement will come equipped with additional details.  We’ll redirect you to the space-watching booth.

While a brand new, larger setup in Cardiff is indeed something to look forward to, there is a downside; people living in Newcastle and Land’s End and their respective regions will in a year-and-a-bit have to do some traveling to see these Whovian artifacts up close.  But at the same time, it’ll definitely help Cardiff’s already Who-and-Torchwood-flooded tourism industry, and it’ll be nice to have a larger gulp of the show where it’s actually made.

Entirely by coincidence, Kasterborous editors Christian Cawley and Brian Terranova should be hitting the Newcastle exhibit today!  Enjoy, fellas!

Patrick Riley


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