Lost Your Dalek?

It isn’t everyday – in real life – that Daleks materialise out of nowhere. Yet this is exactly what happened at West Exe Learning Centre in Exeter!

As yet, no one knows the origin or even the owner of the Dalek, described as a “full-size replica” that stands “at  about 5ft tall”. Sue Willey, deputy manager of the educational facility said:

“We’re not sure where he has come from or who he belongs to. It’s not every day you get a Dalek arrive at your school and he did cause a bit of a stir to start with.

“The kids liked him but I think they’re starting to lose interest now. I don’t think they’re into Doctor Who really.”

Sadly that is too often the case with teachers these days. They’re simply not connecting with their pupils. Still, Ms Willey is keen to get a favourable situation for all concerned, and has contacted the police. Detective Constable Caroline Prince, of Exeter’s burglary team:

“We believe this Dalek has come from somewhere in Exeter, but we have had no one reporting a stolen or missing Dalek so we don’t know who it belongs to.”

“If anyone can help us identify the owner of the Dalek, we would be very grateful so we can return it to its rightful owner.”

It is certainly a strange one. There are a lot of Dalek builders around the country, and this replica would seem to originate with one of these. They’re used regularly for fundraising efforts, and given the design of this particular Dalek, it might well originate from before 2005. While it might not be Dalek Storm, it certainly looks as though it is well-made.

Do you know anyone who has “lost” or “misplaced” a Dalek? West Exe Learning Centre are keen to find a new home for the mysterious, alien visitor.

“Someone out there must know where this Dalek has come from. And if the owner doesn’t come forward, maybe we could give it to some charity or organisation that can do something with him.”

If you can help police with this matter, you should contact DC Prince at Exeter burglary team on 08452 777444.

(Thanks to Simon)


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