Moffat’s Christmas Hints

Christmas is fast approaching. We’ve got many things to look forward to – Christmas dinner, the Queen’s speech, Eastenders and, oh yeah, the Doctor Who Christmas special.

But it’s Christmas morning that’s going to be special for a lot of Doctor Who fans. As they unwrap their shiny presents by the glittering Christmas tree and dream of what Gallifreyan goodness they may be about to get, some may be lucky enough to receive the new Clayton Hickman book – Doctor Who: The Brilliant Book 2011.

A guaranteed visual and textual piece for all to enjoy while they wait for the evening to fall and enjoy their favourite show on BBC One (what do you mean The Green Green Grass?).

Within this particular tome lie several hints for upcoming events in the Eleventh Doctor’s life (including the truth about River Song?), so read on at your peril…

Steven Moffat first of all gives a taste of things to come at Christmas:

This one’s incredibly Christmassy. That’s true of the previous ones but I wanted to go for broke. It’s easily the most Christmassy thing you’ll ever see. It’s a huge, sentimental, lovely, jeopardy-driven story. It’s the Christmas special I’d like to see. It’s like a compilation of every Christmas movie. A big Christmas treat. But that doesn’t mean it’s without scares, and that doesn’t mean it’s without heartbreak. It has genuine tragedy in it.

The Executive Producer also talked about the recent plot strands that have been left hanging from the 2010 series:

Nothing will be left hanging forever. Some things will be addressed relatively quickly. We’re going into the silence and what they are… There’s been a sort of tradition, which I semi-followed through with the crack, of there just being a sort of meme through the series, and I think, actually, a bigger mystery and a bigger story is possible now. I’m going to handle it slightly differently next year.

So, lots and lots to look forward to over the next twelve months. Never forget, silence will fall


What happens when an eight year old kid watches the 1993 repeat run of Planet of the Daleks? He pretty much ends up here writing about the show that grabbed hold of him and never let go!

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