Oh The Monstrosities!

Doctor Who Live

Cybermen and Silurians in the Peace Gardens in Sheffield!  Clockwork Droids and Scarecrows in Nottingham’s Old Market Square!  Ood and other assorted creatures at a Tesco near you!  If the apocalypse isn’t upon us, then why is Earth suddenly being invaded by every alien race known to Britain?

That’s right!  Dozens of innocent civilians are now meeting their fates – face-to-face with monsters straight out of Doctor Who!  Refer to these snapshots from Nottingham if you doubt.  Evil though they may seem, these newcomers must have a good heart, because they’re clearly willing to step in and help their neighbours – namely, the Doctor Who Live promotional campaigners – in their efforts to convince every citizen of the United Kingdom to experience The Greatest Show in the Galaxy!

And I mean that quite literally; in addition to discovering the excitement of Sheffield children upon encountering one of the Cybus Industries creations from Pete’s World, BBC News learned from Nigel Planer, the central character in DWL, the following:

“My character Vorgenson is the Greatest Showman in the Galaxy and using his incredible invention, ‘The Minimiser’, he can make any Doctor Who character appear on stage as part of his travelling show dedicated to his hero.”

Which of course, explains why so many villains will be popping up.  It also backs up our previous report of the spectacle’s ties with the Jon Pertwee story Carnival of Monsters.

Oh, and BBC News also casually mentions this:

“As well as Cybermen, Scarecrows, Oods and Silurians, the audience will also get to see a flying Dalek as part of the show.”

I’ll repeat that:  Flying.  Dalek.  You no longer have any excuse if you haven’t bought your tickets.  They’re going for only £38.50, £34.50, or £25.00 a piece; what are you waiting for?!

Patrick Riley


Patrick has just been murdered and is currently seated on the edge of a lawn chair wondering when this Missy person will stop demanding his autograph. He probably can't tweet from the grave, but you should follow him anyway @10PatrickRiley.

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