Teacher Builds K-9 Replica

Take recycled material, add a splash of technical know-how from Shepperton and a frisson of a charity cabal of Daleks and Bob’s your fathers brother, you get Wiltshire-based school teacher and amateur robot builder Mark Enright’s fantastic hobby.

Mark’s models are full-scale, operational copies of both the R-6 unit from Star Wars and Doctor Who’s very own K-9 which he dazzles youngsters with at fan conventions across the country.

Doctor Who's best friend, K9. He's a very good dog, you know...Mark, a teacher at the John Bentley school, Calne,  is also a member of Charity Daleks, a Wiltshire based model makers group which raises money for various worthy causes:

“Building these kinds of robots is very self-indulgent, so getting the opportunity to raise money for charities using these builds is very satisfying.

When they appear at events they have a great feel good factor, people smile, and in turn feel very supportive of the said charities we are raising money for.”

As well as Daleks the group has amongst its repertoire The Weeping Angels, the Scarecrow Army from Human Nature/The Family of Blood and the Clockwork Droids from Moffat’s masterpiece The Girl in the Fireplace.

At one recent event, the Corsham Sci-fi Family Fun day organised by Automattic Comics, the group helped raise over £3000 for charity.

The event also featured appearances by Frazer Hines, the Second Doctor companion, Jamie, and Mike Collins, a comic book artist who has had his worked featued in DWM.

Mark first began building models aged ten using Lego before moving on to bits of junk that he found and brought home:

“I am a great one for using recycled materials and not spending huge amounts of money. I like the idea of being imaginative with the materials I use and in solving new build problems.”

From there he went on to earn a Fine Arts Degree before becoming a Special Effects Designer at Shepperton Studios. Now after a hard day teaching,  when he feels the urge to create he heads to his workshop at home.

Mark is a live-long nerd and has a particular fondness for the ‘Astromech’ droids from Star Wars:

“I built my first R2-D2 out of plasticine when I was about six, and my first K-9 out of cardboard at 10.

“I am part of a global Astromech club which has members all around the world who obsess over building R2-D2’s and other Astromechs.”

His next project will be to complete a full size replica Dalek with the help of pupils from John Bentley:

“It will be really nice when it is complete because it will give the students the opportunity to get their creation out in public and join the Charity Dalek group in events.”

To see more of Mark’s builds check out his blog.

(via BBC Wiltshire)


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