The Thirteenth Doctor..?

There are good Doctors, bad Doctors, big Doctors, small Doctors, ginger Doctors, woman Doctors, cool Doctors, ugly Doctors, child Doctors, Doctors with dreadlocks, Doctors with scarves, naked Doctors, confused Doctors, and one Doctor who’s a jellyfish.  There are loads more than thirteen versions of the thirteenth incarnation of our favourite Time Lord, spread across thirteen pages of a forum thread at Whitechapel.

It’s all part of a design-and-submit-for-fun sort of topic where users submit their art and receive feedback from fellow forumers.  Here’s a couple of excerpts from the opening thread:

A Time Lord can regenerate twelve times before dying. Thirteen incarnations in all.

Design the thirteenth incarnation of the Doctor…

You have one week.


Sadly, that week has come and gone, so it’s too late to submit your entries (if I’d known about it I’d have given it a shot myself), but it’s still quite interesting, if you’ve got a little time on your hands, to observe a variety of points-of-view about what the Thirteenth (and supposedly final) Doctor should look like.  It’s especially fun to compare them with your own Thirteenth Doctor ideas, if you have any floating about in your head.

And it doesn’t stop there – some have contributed, in addition to some stellar (or sometimes not-so-stellar) looking Doctors, plans for logo, TARDIS, and K-9 redesigns, as well as new companions!  This thread is proof of the number of angles of life, the universe, and everything that Doctor Who has the potential to engulf!

Below is one of my personal favourite Doctors from the thread, though there are many to choose from!  It was designed by Whitechapel user Matt Kuhns, who, incidentally, has never actually seen an episode of the show!  Nonetheless, he seems to be familiar with many of the rules of the Whoniverse, including the fact that, theoretically, the TARDIS can change shape, and if it’s piloted by the Doctor, it must have a hat rack…

It would be wrong to show you the thread without asking – how do YOU think the Thirteenth Doctor should look/behave?  Feel free to share in the comments, though you don’t need to submit any art; a description will do just fine!  If visuals are your thing, feel free to post them on our forum!

Patrick Riley


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