Tom Baker Interviewed

Doctor Who legend Tom Baker has been interviewed by Outpost Skaro recently, in which he chats about his latest return to the Whoniverse in Demon Quest, which kicked off this month with the first part, Relics.

Again written by Paul Magrs, Demon Quest is the follow on to 2009’s Hornet’s Nest, and again features Tom alongside Richard Frankin as ex-UNIT Captain Mike Yates and Susan Jameson as the Doctor’s housekeeper, Mrs Wibbsey.

Tom’s interview with Outpost Skaro covers his latest return, which follows a great reception to Hornet’s Nest, a reception that Tom muses is more limited than we thought.

“Several old ladies in Rye have said how good it is and many Mums of young fans have been ecstatic about it.”

If you’re looking for news about Tom’s potential Big Finish appearance, there’s also something worth reading, not to mention more of the usual memorable Tom Baker quotes.

You have to be a member of the OutpostSkaro forum to read the full interviews, hey, it’s worth it!

(Thanks to Eddie)


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