Torchwood Series 4 Writer Speaks

Thank goodness for slow talking agents.

It seems that Jane Espenson – a screenwriter with Buffy and BattleStar Galactica on her CV – might have missed the chance to work on Torchwood Series 4 had her agent been speaking any faster!

Torchwood Series 4Luckily for Torchwood fans, she leapt at the chance, and revealed why she took it to SFX recently.

“I love blending tones – mixing the broadly comedic moment in with the darkly dramatic one can heighten both. Torchwood is a show that welcomes that kind of moment. I’m also really eager to play with all the culture-clash material that comes naturally out of the show’s pedigree. And I’m especially eager to write material that pushes the boundaries of what can ordinarily be done on television.”

Meanwhile, she describes an “intense” writing process in the team assembled by creator Russell T Davies; one that has already claimed the name of at least one previously announced character.

“And there’s nothing to stop us from changing more—so if you hear anything, even if it was true at some point, it probably isn’t anymore. So the more you learn about Torchwood, the less you know.”

Hmm. We wonder if it is “CIA agent Rex Matheson“, a name which frankly we feel is otherwise best left for the canine world.

Even so, we’re pretty sure that Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles) and Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) are retaining their names…


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