Breathe Easy, He’s Not Immortal…

But he might as well be.  Those of you who follow The Sarah Jane Adventures may recall the recent controversy sparked when it was announced that the Doctor, upon appearing in the story Death of the Doctor, would tell Clyde that he had unlimited regenerations.

But those who have seen the episode may have already begun to rest easy, as what the Doctor actually said to Clyde is that his regeneration limit is not 13, as fans of classic Doctor Who will expect, but 507!

“507 – I could not resist! I was hooting. It’ll never stick, though. That 13 lives is stuck in people’s heads. It is, isn’t it funny? Yet they only said 13 once or twice,”

…said writer Russell T. Davies about putting a stop to the long-standing belief among some that the Doctor’s life is nearing its end.

“There’s a fascinating academic study to be made out of how some facts stick and some don’t – how Jon Pertwee’s Doctor could say he was thousands of years old, and no-one listens to that, and yet someone once says he’s only got thirteen lives, and it becomes lore.

“It’s really interesting, I think. That’s why I’m quite serious that that 507 thing won’t stick, because the 13 is too deeply ingrained in the public consciousness.”

Just you wait, Mr. Davies.  876 years from now, the Doctor will be reaching his 505th incarnation, and the public will be in a panic that rivals the Cold War, or the Great Recession, or what would happen if a sequel was made to Time and the Rani!  You’ll be eating your words, you’ll see!

Death of the Doctor encores on BBC One today and Friday at 4:30 PM.

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