Christmas Guest Star: Tom Cruise?!

The folks at Big Shiny Robot have pointed out an interesting addition to the Internet Movie Database cast list for the Doctor Who Christmas special – Tom Cruise!

We don’t often refer back to IMDb here on Kasterborous because, frankly, it can be edited almost as easily as Wikipedia.  But since Big Shiny Robot mentioned it, we figured we’d better mention that Big Shiny Robot mentioned it.

Cruise is listed as playing the character Ethan Hunt, which just so happens to be the same name as his character in the Mission: Impossible series.

Writes Big Shiny Robot’s Swank-mo-tron,

I was doing some research on Tom Cruise for a round of the Big Shiny Geek Show Pub Quiz we hold weekly when I found an upcoming episode of Dr. Who on his IMDb profile.  The IMDb is notoriously inaccurate for upcoming projects, but this episode seems to have been shot and it’s got an unusually complete page, which isn’t normal for pages with wild inaccuracies.  It also has Michael Gambon (Dumbledore) listed in the episode, and there’s been a lot of reporting on that as well.

Fortunately for those of us who don’t want to see Tom Cruise ruin an episode of Doctor Who, even complete pages can have wild inaccuracies on IMDb.  Besides, like Swank said, Michael Gambon’s been in the news a lot lately for being in the special, as has K favourite Katherine Jenkins.  If Tom Cruise was in the Christmas special, we’d definitely know about it by now.  If the casting hasn’t been confirmed by Auntie Beeb, it hasn’t been confirmed.  Period.

We’d take this one with a cubic meter of salt.

Patrick Riley


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