Neil Gaiman’s Episode: What We Know

The folks at SFX, brilliant as they are, have created/are creating/will continue to create a web page containing any important information about Doctor Who Season 32 (or, if you’re one of those new-timey folks, Series 6).  All writers, directors, guest stars, and non-spoilery plot rumours have been/are being/will continue to be recorded on the site!

If you’re too lazy to click here and read it for yourself, we’ll give you a little preview below about what the page has to say thus far about Episode 3.  The vast majority of this has been reported here on Kasterborous at one point or another during the past year, but now it’s all in one place, so you don’t necessarily have to dig through several months worth of K archives on your Android to prove to your neighbour that a certain internationally-acclaimed author did the script.

Without further ado, Episode 3:

Written by: Neil Gaiman

Directed by: Richard Clark

Other info: Rory is definitely in this episode (confirmed on Twitter by Neil himself)

Guest Starring: Suranne Jones (Karen McDonald in Coronation Street) as Idris


There may be an episode involving a giant Dollhouse (which sounds very Gaiman-esque, but let’s not jump to conclusions)

Another interesting fact about Episode 3 that SFX forgot to mention was that, according to Gaiman, the episode was once called The House of Nothing, a long galaxy ago in a time far far away.  But it’s got a new, unknown name now.  While we don’t yet know what the title of the episode is going to be, we at least know what it’s not going to be!

Doctor Who returns to BBC One in Spring 2011.

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