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Doctor Who - The Coming of the TerraphilesNow that the much-reported Michael Moorcock foray into the Doctor Who world with his novel The Coming of the Terraphiles has been released, it’s to be expected that people have started reading it.  And while people have been reading it, they’ve naturally begun to develop opinions about the book as well.  The people at Den of Geek have even gone so far as to share their opinions with the world!  Here’s what they said…

The Coming Of The Terraphiles finds the author having a bit of a lark about and working in a light, almost playful register that’s far more in keeping with the work of writers such as P.G Wodehouse and Douglas Adams than the darker tone of some of his more recent work…

…If you’re a fan of classic series stories like The Sunmakers and The Pirate Planet, or their modern day equivalents such as Gridlock, The Beast Below or The End Of The World, then you’ll enjoy Moorcock’s tale. If you don’t, well, you’d probably be wise to give the book a wide berth.

While enjoying the story overall, it seems that DoG has somewhat of a problem with Moorcock’s portrayal of our two main characters.  To them, the Matt Smith Doctor seems to have too much control of the situations he’s placed in, and not as much of his iconic what-am-I-going-to-do clumsiness:

It makes one wonder if this book was begun before Smith was cast, as the portrayal here seems to default to an archetypal version of the character that, like the story itself, seems to be very Tom Baker in tone.

As for Pond,

Aside from a few random mentions of meeting the Doctor as a child, the odd Leadworth reference and descriptions of her beautiful red hair, Amy is pretty unrecognisable from the woman we’ve watched over the course of series 5.

In this story, Amy’s dialogue could just as easily be said by Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Peri Brown, Sarah Jane Smith or Jo Grant and you’ll barely notice the difference and, while some might say ‘no change there, then’, it is distracting.

Overall, it seems, Den of Geek imagines a reader will find The Coming of the Terraphiles a pleasant read so long as he or she doesn’t consider it to be canon:

Ironically (well this is a Michael Moorcock novel after all), the way to read this book and garner the most enjoyment is to simply treat it as a Who story set on a parallel world. An archetypal tale about an eternal champion and his companion engaged in a heroic battle to save the universe from an encroaching cataclysm that threatens the existence of all things.

In case you’re wondering, Den of Geek gives the book four stars out of five.  Read 100% of what they had to say by clicking this link.

Word on the street has it that someone here at Kasterborous plans to share an opinion or two about the book as well!  Keep an eye out for that in our Reviews section in the very near future.

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