Smith of the Barren Age

The Nottingham Post recently featured an interview with a rather nice unknown actor named Matt Smith!

Since I’m an ignorant foreigner, I’ll skip the summary of the first half of the article in which they talk about football (apparently Matt’s an enthusiastic Forest fan, and I rather like the wooded regions of the world myself) and give you the important stuff – quotes about Doctor Who!

On the Christmas special:

We’ve got [Dumbledore actor] Michael Gambon in it playing an old Scrooge-like miser. He’s a right laugh.

On Series 6:

This year we’ve had some great scripts and some good people guesting so it’s been really exciting.

And on fans like you and me:

They come and watch the filming or if you go to an event but they’re generally really positive and nice and quite enthusiastic.

The Post asks Matt if these fans are more-often-than-not middle-aged men…

(Laughs) Yeah, they kind of are.

I suppose that’s one of its great virtues is that it appeals… if you’re 40 and you’ve got a seven-year-old, you can watch it together.

Another point is brought up that we often tend to forget, what with the brilliant manner in which Smith plays the Doctor, that he didn’t catch much of the classic series as a kid because he was raised during the (shudder) hiatus…

I’m part of that barren age. I feel slightly robbed by that, actually. I’ve since gone back and watched them all, obviously, and I’d say Patrick Troughton was my favourite Doctor.

Though it may still seem unbearably far away, Doctor Who returns with a Christmas special this… er, Christmas.

Patrick Riley


Patrick has just been murdered and is currently seated on the edge of a lawn chair wondering when this Missy person will stop demanding his autograph. He probably can't tweet from the grave, but you should follow him anyway @10PatrickRiley.

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