Tennant’s Children Speak Up

You might have seen a few articles recently about David Tennant’s new BBC drama, A Single Father. There’s been plenty of talk about how David was getting on with the role and how his co star Suranne Jones was enjoy working with him.

What we haven’t heard yet was the experiences of their on screen children and how they found the filming.

The CaliforniaChronicle.com has taken the time to find out a little more from these young actors and how this experience has affected them. The children of this series are played by (in no particular order) Millie Innes, 10, Chris Hegarty, 12, Robert Dickson, 11, and Natasha Watson, 14, who plays a grieving step sister.

The young actors went from one day watching Tennant on television visiting far away worlds in the TARDIS to suddenly standing next to him on set and playing his offspring. This for any young Doctor Who fan is bound to be a surreal experience.

Chris Hegarty commented:

“Working with David was unreal, in a way. I liked Doctor Who when I was younger and I still like it now. But it was unbelievable to be actually working with him because he’s a superstar now. For the first week I was aware of that but, by the end of it, I was like ‘Ah, it’s just David…’.”

But always willing to bond with his co stars, Tennant took the kids bowling in an effort to get to know them. This is something that Robert Dickson wanted to talk about:

“Whatever David Tennant says about it, I beat him at bowls. And he claims he was the under-18 bowling champion of Scotland at one point. So that makes me the under-18 bowling champion, I think.”

The oldest of the children, Natasha, 14, is also the actress with the most experience. Since a young age she has been impressing producers and landing herself some difficult roles:

“I’ve been acting since I was five. I’ve never really gone to acting classes but I’ve done things like Fiona’s Story for the BBC and A Woman In Winter. I was at the premiere for Donkeys but I won’t be able to go and see it myself because it’s quite an adult film and I’m not 15 yet…I suppose I did know what to expect a bit more because I’d done other things, so understood some of the technical terms the crew used. So I didn’t feel like a rabbit in the headlights.”

As harrowing and deep as the story of A Single Father is, it seems that the children were able to relax and enjoy themselves off screen and in between takes.  They also had to be tutored for two months as they missed a lot of school!

A Single Father is currently airing on Sundays on BBC One. For the full article visit www.calaforniachronicle.com


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