The United Kingdom of Earth Television

BBC News has reported an increase in exports of television from the UK to the rest of the planet, and as a result, the Beeb felt the need to mention some show called Doctor Who.

Already-built shows (as opposed to the programmes whose ideas were taken from Britain but not the shows themselves; think America’s Got Talent and how it isn’t Britain’s Got Talent), including Top Gear, Life, and Who, sold to a hundred-plus countries each (or at least the first two did, Who was more implied in the article) to rake in a total of £549 million (in other words, quite a lot), which doesn’t include the £119 million from format sales (like America’s Got Talent) or the ultimate tally of £1.34 billion from the whole of the overseas market (don’t you just love parenthetical side comments?).

Doctor Who has already conquered the likes of Australia, Canada, and the United States, among others, in terms of its love affair with the rest of the world.  And now that it helped gain the BBC a 9% higher income in world sales last year, maybe it deserves a pay raise.  How ’bout giving us that budget cut back, eh, Auntie?  Not that it needs it, of course!

Patrick Riley


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