Think Before You Sonic!

Forget The Pauline Quirke Academy of Performing Arts; there’s only one academy you’ll want to graduate from! The Sarah Jane Academy is now enrolling pupils for Stage One: Think Before You Sonic!

In a neat comic prologue: While doing boring homework one evening Rani notices a pulsing icon on her desktop. Clicking on it, she’s teleported to a dark, sinister spaceship. Seemingly alone, she stumbles upon several strange blue orbs containing the infants of Judoon, Slitheen and an Androvax. Rani sensing something familiar about the creatures in suspended animation; she catches a familiar, awful smell; The Krulius!

Having teleported away from the Juddoons grasp the Krulius has captured DNA samples of all alien species to give him complete control of an awful army to do his bidding. Rani, having heard enough, flees looking for the teleportation device that brought to the ship.

In the teleportation room, she stumble upon Clyde but he seems different, trying to make her go along with the Krulius’ diabolical plan. Rani realises the truth; The krulius has cloned Clyde!

Running away, she stumbles into another Clyde; the pair of them shiftshape revealing the Urglanic Shapeshifters crawling under their skins. They’ve been working for the Krulius to lure in Rani!

Battling her way back to the Teleporter Rani reunites with the gang of Bannerman Rd and gets ready to train up now the Krulius is on the prowl.

The stage allows you to grasp hold of either the sonic screwdriver or lipstick to build bridges, fight enemies and unlock doors to guide Rani (using the very clunky arrow keys) back to the safety of the TARDIS.

And best of all; you can invite friends to play and can compare scores!

CLANK! that’s right, the gauntlet is down faithful reader! Post your best times below so we can crown the Kasterborous Khampion of Pointless Internet Gaming Fun (we’re working on the title.)

In the spirit of compitition here is my total time for Stage One:


In my defence the kettle boiled half way through level 13 and the cat jumped on my laptop…twice…hmm.

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