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Time Travel Exists!

Do you remember the classic serial where the Fourth Doctor travelled back in time to attend the premiere of Charlie Chaplin’s The Circus – stopping briefly to chair a phone call from across the galaxy?

No, me neither but if this footage found by Irish filmmaker George Clarke is to be believed then a man in drag using a mobile phone outside Mann’s Chinese Theatre could very well be the first conclusive proof that the Doctor does exist and is in fact Tom Baker (who else?).

Take a look at the footage above (scroll forward to about 2:40).

Clarke has screened the footage for over 100 attendees at a film festival in Belfast and the video is currently going viral on YouTube – with no explanation forthcoming.

In an attempt to save humanity from the confusion Celebritology 2.o have posted a series of explanations ranging from the bizarre (shes a fat Marty McFly stranded in the roaring Twenties) to the less interesting logical explanations (she has a hearing aid; she’s adjusting her hat.)

So rather than confirming Stephen Hawking’s long-held ‘tourists in time’ Fermi Paradox theory what we have is the more commonly known Butterfly Effect and a question that will plague physicists for decades to come: If a lady adjusts her hat in an odd way in the 1920’s how many nerds will think it’s time travel 90 years later?

More unusual is this photo from the 1940’s of what appears to be a hipster in shades and to the right of a crowd of people in period dress gathered at the re-opening of the South Fork Bridge, British Columbia, Canada after a flood (if you were going to travel anywhere in time, where else than the South Fork Bridge?)

Kasterborous editor Christian Cawley - time traveller?

What makes this even stranger is the traveller’s resemblance to Kasterborous big cheese Christian Cawley which if you’ve ever received his spam email for the $7.49 Chronos Reversal Capsule will be no surprise that he has not only mastered WordPress but the fabric of time itself… fair play to him.

(via Celebritology 2.0)

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