Torchwood Magazine Closes

I know what you’re thinking: “there’s a Torchwood magazine?!” Well, not any longer, and to be honest we just can’t say we’re surprised.

As reported by LiveTheUniverseAndCombom (probably best if we don’t ask) Torchwood issue 24 will be the last. Over a year after Children of Earth – but just months before a new series starts filming – Titan are closing the curtains on a magazine that promised much but probably didn’t quite fulfill.

The question is: why? Why did Torchwood Magazine – ostensibly a featuring a comic strip and short stories about a man who cannot die – fail? Well the answer is probably two-fold:

  • Torchwood doesn’t have 26 years worth of history to refer back to while the show is off air
  • No one knew the magazine was out

Now that last point might be contentious – sure, you could find Torchwood Magazine in the shops, but without a bit of “as seen on TV buzz” who is going to buy it? Hardcore fans of course; the type that visit websites online to find the latest Torchwood news.

Interestingly, there is an argument that the BBC ‘s treatment of Torchwood (not to mention RTD’s killing off of certain characters) caused this state of affairs. But with new characters to come and a world of possibilities, it seems that Titan can’t manage 10 months of comic strips, short stories and production features on the new series.

As one of the web’s most popular resources for Torchwood news, I can tell you that we’ve had very little contact from Titan over the months who publish the magazine. They seem to be more interested in using Facebook to issue details about upcoming editions rather than reaching out to their target audience in the way that Doctor Who Magazine and Doctor Who Adventures do (and indeed BBC Books, Big Finish and AudioGo).

Titan have done a great job over the last few months in keeping the title alive, but ultimately it’s a sad end for Torchwood Magazine, especially with a new series on the horizon.

(Thanks to bionic_tangfastic)

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