‘Experience’ Three TARDIS Sets!

The currently-under-development super-exhibition known as The Doctor Who Experience will include three full TARDIS sets!  While we Kasterborites would sell our souls for the opportunity to step in just one, attendees of the London-then-Cardiff attraction will be able to explore full-sized replicas of the Davison, Eccleston/Tennant, and Matt Smith TARDISes!

In an interview with SFX, Managing Director of Live Entertainment at the BBC Philip Murphy revealed that the Smith set will completely immerse visitors in their own adventure, with video clips from the Eleventh Doctor (scripted by Steven Moffat) teaching guests how to fly his one-of-a-kind time/space machine:

“We asked [fans] how they wanted to interact with the show outside the TV medium.  The number one thing they said to us was that they wanted to get inside the TARDIS.  So our whole process from then was to try to work out the best way we could do that, and making it more interesting than, ‘This is the inside of the TARDIS, now move on.’  So creating that whole storyline to give people the chance to be part of an adventure, and be the Doctor’s companion for the day – to help him out in this particular story – seemed like the perfect way of doing that, then leading through into the more traditional, free-flowing exhibition, albeit we’ve got interactive elements in the exhibition too.”

While the Davison and Tennant sets will be open on one side, in the same manner as their studio counterparts, the Matt Smith TARDIS will be walled all the way around…

“It’s going to feel even more like the real thing.  To be inside this thing – which is just enormous – and feel the scale of it, it brings out the inner geek of me.  I’m looking forward to seeing people’s faces for the first time when they get to be stood inside the TARDIS for the first time, and then take photos and put them on Facebook.”

Click here to read the full interview at SFX.

The Doctor Who Experience opens in London in February before moving to a permanent home in Cardiff.

Patrick Riley


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