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BBC America Shop, a website in the biz of, as its name would suggest selling BBC-related things to Americans, poked a stick at some of the Beeb’s biggest names and asked them about their holiday memories.  One of these folks is our own Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith!

“One of my favorite holiday memories is getting a snooker table as a kid.  My two granddads play on it all day and didn’t give me a go, because they are very competitive.  In the lounge on Christmas Day, it was cool.”

When asked about the greatest Christmas gift he ever gave or got, Matt replied,

“What’s the best Christmas present I’ve ever received?  That’s a good question.  The snooker table was pretty good, actually.  I’d imagine probably a football kit or a football.  Something football related really.  But I guess the best gift one could receive is your family around on Christmas Day.  That’s number one.”

Now, remember, American readers.  Matt’s talking about football.  Not football.  Understand?  Good.

For “inspiration” for visitors to buy their products, the people at BBC America Shop also asked Matt for three things on his Christmas wish list (that they sell on their site):

“I’d gift Doctor Who, ha, or Life.  I think Life is so amazing.  And I really like I’m Alan Partridge.  The Steve Coogan collection would be quite cool.”

Former Torchwood star Naoko Mori was also probed for a “wish list,” which included the Doctor Who Adipose Stress Toy, on which she commented:

“This is far too cute! I have to have one!!”

The full lineup of BBCers and their Christmas recollections, which also covers Claudie Blakley, Alastair Fothergill, Ricky Gervais, and cliffhanger-invader Graham Norton can be found here.

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