Matt’s River Mystery

The filming of the newest series of Doctor Who has begun, not in reliable old Cardiff but in the USA!

For Series 6 (!) of Doctor Who, there will be an opening two parter set in 1960’s and Matt Smith and the Doctor Who team have started filming scenes around Utah’s Monument Valley.

The opening episodes feature the welcome return of the Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory and also the return of another familiar face, Doctor River Song! What can we expect from her in these episodes? Steven Moffat has already promised us that we’ll find out who the woman really is but does Smith know any more details then that? Apparently not:

“I hope The Doctor does actually discover who this lady is…Steven [Moffat] has told Alex everything about the whole next season’s plotline and story, and he’s told me nothing because narratively, I’m meant to know less than her…[Moffat] tells us it’s all on a need-to-know basis. He wants us to find out like fans. He said to me about the Episode 7 cliffhanger, ‘I want you to drop your script when you’re reading it.’ “

Sound exciting? You bet it does!

Meanwhile, Matt’s delighted to be filming in the USA, as he told Sean P. Means of The Salt Lake Tribune online blog:

“It’s an iconic piece of America – I’m thinking John Ford and ‘Forrest Gump,'”

Doctor Who has achieved quite the fan base over in the States, with many media outlets wanting to talk to the star about his role and Matt commented on how that reflects on the show:

“It says a lot for the scope and ambition of this particular [season] that we’re doing…It lays down our mark about how epic we want this particular [season] to feel.”

The Doctor Who Christmas Special airs in the UK on 25th December 2010 and the new series will begin in spring 2011.

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