Multiple Christmas Specials!

As you may have already heard, there are not one, not one-and-a-half, but two Doctor Who Christmas specials to be broadcast this year!  One, as everyone who calls him- or herself a Whovian should know by now, is the televised event that guest stars Michael Gambon and (cue angelic opera music) Katherine Jenkins.  We’ll never get to see the other one, because it’ll be on Radio One!

Speaking on Radio One’s Fearne Cotton show last Monday along with Karen Gillan, when asked about the Christmas special, Matt Smith revealed:

“We did a ‘special’ Christmas special for Radio One.  Oh gosh, is that a secret?!  Well anyway I’ve ruined it now so I might as well carry on!”

Smith and Gillan then mysteriously steer the subject back to the television special and mention that Katherine Jenkins sings in it, which you’ll know if you’ve been following us this week.

The radio special might just be a dream come true for many a Who fan!  Not only do we now have more canon to look forward to than previously believed, it looks like we’ll also have our first proper Eleventh Doctor audio play!  Perhaps it’ll be here that we’ll learn more about Orient Express phone call at the end of Series 5, or maybe how Amy and Rory ended up on the planet Honeymoon (which is where they were during The Sarah Jane Adventures episode Death of the Doctor, in case you missed it).

Stick with us in the coming weeks and we’ll fill you in with more details and broadcast times as we learn them!  Meanwhile, there’s still a little time to listen to the full Fearne Cotton interview on iPlayer (skip to about 35 minutes in).

Patrick Riley


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