Quirky Quarks & Daleks With Legs!

Doctor Who reviews blog Shall We Destroy has come across an interesting web page, where a bloke who calls himself Niklas Jansson has been showcasing his project of Doctor Who redesigns that he’s named, well, The Doctor Who Redesign Project.

Since 2005, Jansson has essentially been taking monsters, ships, etc., mostly from the classic era, and revamping their looks.  A bit like what they did to the Daleks in Season 31 except Jansson’s stuff isn’t all that bad.

But that’s not to say that his designs aren’t radically different from the TV series.  Because they are.  Just look at those Daleks to the right!  They don’t even touch the ground by default; they just hover, and they even have legs that pop out to accommodate extreme weapon use!  You can see them roughly sketched in there on the Ironside-coloured Dalek.

And then there’s the Quarks.  If you’re a younger reader who’s never heard of the Quarks, we’ll say that they’re basically robot mini-fridges with spiked heads and arms that fold out of their chest who serve the titular race in the Patrick Troughton story The Dominators.  But Jansson’s take on the Quarks is less of a traditional rectangular prism and more of a Transformers rectangular prism.  It’s almost a complete departure from the Quarks’ original design, but hey – it works!  Here’s Jansson:

“The Quarks can form a box, perhaps it’s a storage thing. I’m not sure if I should give them two segmented arms, or two shielded ones. I deviated a bit from the original design, which I didn’t quite like. The colors here… well, they do have a cute voice and small stature, but I think I need to go silver, because the episode was shot in B/W and they are killer machines after all.”

Among many others, Jansson also modified the looks of the Dominators and the Sontarans, both of whom look slightly bulkier than their TV counterparts, and the Cybermen.  Want to know how they’ve been changed?  You’ll just have to go to Niklas Jansson’s website and find out!

Patrick Riley


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