Torchwood Series 4: Not “Spartacus”

Next year will see a very exciting television event in the shape of the ten part, epic new series of Torchwood entitled The New World.

Starring John Barrowman and Eve Myles as Captain Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper, the new series promises to be fresh, bold, exciting, internationally sexy and yet still unmistakably Torchwood at its very core.

The last surviving members of the original Torchwood operation from Cardiff will be teaming up with CIA agents Rex and Esther to battle a mysterious enemy that has yet to be revealed by the shows Executive Producers Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner.

Now that the show will be airing on Starz, known for its graphic output with shows such as Spartacus, how will this effect Torchwood in terms of tone? While talking to IGN, Julie Gardner revealed:

“Doing it 10 episodes for a premium cable channel is much more what [Russell’s] vision was and it does allow you to be darker in places and gives you more flexibility in the storytelling in the way that we wanted to take this particular season.”

But don’t fret, this doesn’t mean that the show will be forced full of gratuitous scenes just because of its channel placing. Russell revealed:

“Starz didn’t get us in to say, “Make another Spartacus.” It’s not Spartacus. They brought us in because they like us. They liked our judgment and our imagination, so that’s what we’re giving them.”

And when looking at continuity, how fresh and new does Davies reckon The New World will be? He commented:

“It’s funny; you can’t deny its Series 4. There’s a whole fan base and a whole legacy and a whole mythology that I would hate to contradict… I think these subtitles help, because we don’t actually refer to it as series 4. And we didn’t actually refer to Children of Earth as Series 3. We referred to it as Children of Earth. Now this is The New World, so that takes the curse off of it sounding old.”

It’s time to start getting excited about Torchwood again people, a nice little rest of the show will have done it the world of good and now we can look forward to a whole new and glamorous adventure which is bound to be mesmerizing.

Torchwood: The New World will air on Starz and BBC One in 2011!

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