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We’re delighted to announce that Nick Griffith’s Who Goes There book – which the writer visits every single Doctor Who location in the UK – is available to Kasterborous readers for just £4.99 from Legend Press!

This is a reduction of the £7.99 cover price and is available via the above link just for readers of Kasterborous.com – so don’t miss out!

Who Goes There is a travel book with Doctor Who at its core. Nick travels England and Wales, seeking locations used in the show, both Classic (pre-relaunch) and New. Being an odd kind of show, its locations too are odd. This is no glamorous trip. Dungeness Nuclear Power Station, anyone? A flooded china clay pit in Cornwall? As he travels, so Nick discovers another side to our well-trodden country, which is no less evocative. Then he goes to the pub.

Sounds like he’s got it all worked out, eh?!

We’ve also got a sample from the book available for you to download, which is where this small section comes from – quite relevant too, given the date…

My favourite ever advent calendar had a Christmas tree as its centrepiece, containing five doors up the length of its unseen trunk. At the base, 20, up to 24 at the very top. So it offered the standard countdown – plus an extra-special last-five-days via the magical tree. Boy, did those 20s take on an added significance. Extra manipulation for a child who really needed no manipulating.

What do children get these days? Something branded – Disney, Doctor Who (very wrong, though only in this
circumstance), Bratz, Power Rangers – with chocolate, like today’s youth need more calories and less soul. Worse, the doors tend to be in uniform rows and columns, so the fun of seeking out the numbers is painfully diminished.

Who Goes There has been out for a while now, but this latest offer is a great reason to buy it and join Nick as he explores locations seen sometimes only fleetingly in Doctor Who.

This £4.99 price is a reduction of the current £7.99 cover price and is available via Legend Press just for readers of Kasterborous.com – so don’t miss out!

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