A Definitive Doctor Who Game?

4) Doctor Who: Time and the Rani- Kinect

Xbox Kinect is the next step in player immersion. Getting rid of the controller, the player acts out the motions and emotions of the character in the game and with this limitless potential players could: dodge the Rani around a table! Pratfall down some stairs! Play the spoons! I’ve seen the future and it is Panama Hat shaped.

5) Dalek Attack

It may seem like an odd choice to remake the 1992 platform game but nostalgia is big business.

Doctor Who - Dalek AttackThe plot, for what it is, sees the Daleks taking control of four major cities: London, Paris, New York and Tokyo, holding each under a force dome which the Doctor (players could be any of the seven incarnations depending on which computer they had) manages to infiltrate (by ingeniously going through the sewer) to destroy pods that are cutting a path through the o-zone layer for the incoming Dalek fleet (I know, it makes naff-all sense.)

Admittedly when this game side scrolled its way onto the various 8- and 16-bit systems it bore little resemblance to the TV show. What it did feature were various incarnations of the Time Lord seemingly abandoning his no weapons stance and blasting ten levels of Dalek entrails out of his tin pot foes.

Where Dalek Attack does set precedent is the general feeling that developers (in this case, Admiral Software) are so chuffed to bits that they have managed to obtain the license for Doctor Who, that they really don’t have a clue as to what exactly they are going to do with it.

To hardcore gamers, it offers nothing new, merely a copy of any side-scrolling game and to Doctor Who fans it represents nothing more than outright blasphemy.

The Doctor collecting hand grenades and blasting Dalek’s while riding the “Stannah Stair Lift of Doom” just feels wrong.

But there are some nice touches – the Time Lords popping up in the inventory menu in full ceremonial garb-complete with the seal of Rassilon- the hilarious posters that pop up in the various countries such as ‘Euro-Disney Land: Open 273 years’ and ‘The Times: Daleks invade London’ with Dalek’s written in the classic, jagged Dalek font (but why does The Times have such a typeface on file…?).

So why do I want to see this remade? Well, firstly it would make a fantastic network game ( I doubt anyone would part with more than a tenner for it) and it could be easily picked up and finished by the most causal of games- and secondly, its crying out for a 2-D video game artist like Paul Robertson (Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World) to be let loose in the Doctor Who toy chest.

It is time the BBC took advantage of the passion of the fan community and encouraged development of the ultimate Doctor Who video game: by the fans, for the fans.

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