Do You Want Doctor Who in 3D?

According to a recent survey carried out by Japanese TV manufacturer Panasonic, British TV viewers want to see Doctor Who in 3D.

The poll results saw the Time Lord topping a list that also featured plasticine animation Wallace and Gromit and pistonhead-fest Top Gear.

Really? You want to sit there with a stupid viewing apparatus in front of you to watch your TV in 3D? Wouldn’t you rather view everything naturally and prefer that the show was made to affect the characters in the episodes and by extension the viewer rather than draw you in directly?

Modern 3D is something made possible by high definition – but it is as much a fad as the old anaglyph images (drawn in red and blue/green) or polarizing filters as used in 1993’s Dimensions in Time. 3D really only has a place in a world that you can truly become immersed in – such as those offered by virtual reality. Movies and TV have a strict narrative, something that casts the viewer strictly as an observer and therefore with no claim to be part of the action.

I’ll concede that there are certain scenes that might work in the last series of Doctor Who – the first full run to be recorded in HD – such as the “Spitfires in Space” sequence from Victory of the Daleks or the Doctor walking through a projection of his former selves in The Eleventh Hour. But these are exceptions, not reasons.

In fact, if anything, 3D adds a layer of distraction (not to mention hardware) between the viewer and the drama, rather than making to story more inclusive.

Sure, this is a particular point of view, but the current fad for 3D is just as likely to fail to fully take off as the previous attempts in the 1950s and 1980s.

Although, of course, a far more pertinent point would be: do you want to risk another Dimensions in Time debacle?

Seriously, though, this all sounds like fluff from the electronics giant, who have tied in the poll to coincide with their new range of Panasonic 3D TVs – which come with 3D glasses.

Perhaps when 3D can be realised withouth headwear the situation might change. Until then…


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