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If you haven’t managed to get excited about A Christmas Carol, then you’re just a Scrooge Kazran.  But this holiday season, why just have the gift of over-the-air Who when you can give to (or better yet, beg to receive from) a friend or loved one Doctor Who DVDs, to enjoy over and over again?  Here’s our list of the top 5 new releases that you’ll be hoping to unwrap this Christmas…

5. Revenge of the Cybermen/Silver Nemesis Box Set

Doctor Who Cyberman DVD boxsetThere are two Cyberman stories in this package; one of them, Revenge of the Cybermen, is a Tom Baker tale with Lis Sladen and Ian Marter as Sarah Jane and Harry, and the other, Silver Nemesis, is a Sylvester McCoy narrative with Sophie Aldred’s Ace.  The former was raised by the loving Auntie Beeb, while the latter was brought up by the same Aunt, who by now had dealt with so many children that she became abusive, ready to strike down Doctor Who at any given moment.

And sure, Nemesis doesn’t have the best reputation, but it was the 25th Anniversary Special, which qualifies the story for an automatic collector’s-item stamp.  And remember, Prince Edward isn’t there.

4. The Dominators

Doctor Who - The DominatorsThree words: Quarks & Patrick Troughton.  Ampersands aren’t words, so yes, that counts.

In case you weren’t alive in 1968, The Dominators sees the Second Doctor, Zoe, and Jamie on the planet Dulkis, where a couple of titular Dominators and their Quarky servants are… dominating.  But the Dulcians don’t want to dominate back, so the Doctor and company try to convince them otherwise…  You just have to see it!

3. The Complete Specials

If you’ve already acquired the Series 2, 3, and 4 box sets, then all you need to complete your David Tennant collection is this.

Doctor Who - The Complete Specials starring David TennantFive specials, at least an hour long each: one for Easter, two for Christmas, one for New Year’s, and one for mid-November (rejoice!), not in that order.

If you haven’t seen them yet, you’re either anti-New-Who, which is fine, or you’re simply new to Who, in which case make sure you’ve seen Series 1-4 before you pop this in your player.  Notice we didn’t specifically say DVD player, because The Complete Specials is the first box set release to appear on DVD and Blu-ray!  On top of the episodes, you also get a Doctor Who Confidential to go with each, deleted scenes with Russell T. Davies, commentaries, the original Doctor Who Prom, and Special Project 3 itself – BBC Christmas idents – among other features.

2. Series 5 Box Set Limited Edition

Doctor Who Series 5 boxsetIt’s kind of a given that Series 5 should go on the list; after all, it’s a whole season of Who that wasn’t available last Christmas… in fact, the concept of unwrapping these discs on December 25th was doubtless part of the reasoning behind the November release.  Like The Complete Specials, you have the option of getting this set containing every episode from The Eleventh Hour to The Big Bang on DVD or Blu-ray.  The Limited Edition comes in a fancy tin case, and in addition to special features like The Monster Files, Meanwhile in the TARDIS scenes, Doctor Who Confidential cut-downs and more, you’ll also get a special collector’s booklet with a foreword from executive producer Steven Moffat and four art cards.  Rumour has it that, like a few of the previous new series DVD sets, the illustrative genius of Kasterborous’ own Anthony Dry might make an appearance.

1. Revisitations 1 Box Set

Doctor Who - Revisitations Volume 1 DVDWhat’s not to drool over in this box?  There’s Tom Baker’s much-loved The Talons of Weng-Chiang and Peter Davison’s popular The Caves of Androzani in which the Fifth Doctor’s attachment to celery, or rather said celery’s attachment to the Fifth Doctor, is properly explained within hours of his death.  Last but definitely not least, you can finally start and complete your Paul McGann DVD collection in one stroke with 1996’s The TV Movie.  The first Revisitations set contains not one, not two, but seven discs in all, four of which (hear that? four!) are there solely for special features.  There’s so much pure, unadulterated stuff in this set that it took Kasterborous three wonderfully lengthy reviews, one for each story, to do it justice!  You’ll have your Who appetite satisfied for months!

We know you probably already wrote your letter to Santa months ago, but just in case you left any of these out, you may wish to send him a quick telegram.

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