Anglotopia, a website run by two people who don’t live in the UK but would prefer to (I know how they feel) have published an infographic, or rather an “ultimate infographic” explaining Doctor Who to people who aren’t as familiar with the show as many Kasterborous locals are.

Though you’ve probably heard most of what’s been written there before, it’s still an interesting read, and there are a couple of statistics you may not have known.  For example, thanks to the fact that there are 769 episodes from An Unearthly Child to The Big Bang,

“If you watched Doctor Who without pausing to eat, sleep, or use the bathroom you could watch for 23 straight days without seeing the same episode.”

It’s not quite clear whether that measurement includes the early episodes that have been erased from the planet, but still, it’s quite an impressive number!  Especially when you consider that a single 45-minute episode usually takes roughly that amount of time to film (also mentioned on the infographic).  Imagine how long it would take to film all 700+ installments back-to-back!

Some other things about Who you may not have been aware of (not really sure the writers or producers are either): the Krillitane from School Reunion enjoy a good yogurt now and again and the Mighty Jagrafess of the Holy Hadrojassic Maxarodenfoe of The Long Game fame has come up with a nickname for himself, and it isn’t Max.

Patrick Riley


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