News Flash: The Doctor Likes Christmas!

With six annual specials filmed plus The Unquiet Dead which spread bits of holiday cheer despite an April broadcast, various references to December 25th during regular seasons (see if you can find them in The Doctor Dances and The Vampires of Venice) and last year’s BBC Idents, who’d have thought that the Doctor actually likes Christmas?  Preposterous, right?

Not according to Matt Smith.  If he’s anything to go by, the Doctor rather enjoys the holiday.  It’s crazy, we know!

“He loves Christmas.  It’s showcasing humans at their most open and giving and kind.  It’s everything The Doctor’s about.”

Of course, Matt was speaking to USA Today; he was probably just lying to confuse all the American viewers who have never seen Doctor Who before so that they watch A Christmas Carol when it airs tomorrow (tomorrow!).  You’re not fooling your countrymen, Mr. Smith – everyone knows the Doctor thinks Christmas is rubbish.

In related news, Matt also indicated in the USA Today article that he’s fallen completely head over heels for the Doctor…

“I love his madness.  I love his brain.  I love that he’s completely silly.  I love how lonely he is.  I love his bravery.  I love the fact that he’s clumsy.”

Keep an eye out for the wedding, possibly in June.

If you just became a Doctor Who fan today, then you’re the only Whovian in the world who doesn’t know that A Christmas Carol airs tomorrow at 6PM on BBC One and 9/8 Central on BBC America.

(via Digital Spy)

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