No Holmes for the TARDIS

Steven Moffat has officially made it clear that there will be no Doctor Who/Sherlock crossovers this year, next year, or ever.  Most of us never really expected one anyway, but that hasn’t stopped the idea from being among the Grand Moff’s top requests.

“I think everyone who’s passing me in the street is suggesting that at the moment,”

…Moffat said to the New York Times.  And now for his defence of his position:

“I think there are problems of doing [a crossover].  Because then you would say that Sherlock Holmes lives in the same world as the Doctor, and there are Daleks and all sorts of things. If a Sherlock Holmes story depends on time travel being impossible, it’s quite hard [to do it] if he’s a personal friend of the Doctor’s.”

Plus, you may remember the young lad Elliot quoting Sherlock Holmes to Rory in The Hungry Earth; evidence that Holmes literature exists in the Whoniverse and thus the detective himself cannot.  Still, no one can deny how utterly, fantastically brilliant it would be to see Daleks in Sherlock.  Think about it for us, eh Steven?

Doctor Who‘s sixth series begins this spring, months after tomorrow’s A Christmas Carol at 6PM on BBC One.  Sherlock‘s second series is slated for autumn.

(via Digital Spy)

Patrick Riley


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