Rhys in The New World

Thanks to Twitter, Torchwood fans now know that regular supporting cast members Tom Price (you would hardly refer to him as a “star”, Digital Spy) and Kai Owen have been cast to reprise their characters of PC Andy Davidson and Gwen Cooper’s spouse Rhys Williams.

With a mobile phone and a cheeky attitude mind you can cause all sorts of mischief on Twitter – if it’s not releasing so-called state secrets then its poking fun at your colleagues!

Price Tweeted earlier this week:

“Sorting out a US visa. Now…why would I be doing that?”

I’m not sure, but watch out for those TSA scanners.

As you probably know by now, Torchwood Series 4 – dubbed The New World – is being partially filmed in the place we once called “The New World”, the erstwhile “Land of the Free”, the United States of America.

Meanwhile Kai Owen – put-upon Rhys – was also Tweeting his return to the show, observing :

“In about one month from today I’m gonna be putting on my ‘Rhys’ costume once more!”

And in an hilarious riposte, Tom Price later replied:

“I look forward to seeing that costume. Jeans and a t-shirt, yeah?”

Oh, my aching sides…

Torchwood Series 4 enters production in the New Year with scenes filmed in both Cardiff and various spots in North America.

(Via Digital Spy)


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