Sarah Jane Audience Figures

The results are in!  The viewers for all twelve episode’s of this year’s Sarah Jane Adventures run have been tallied, and some of the numbers may intrigue you.

We may as well start off by telling you that Series 4 has overall managed to easily surpass Series 2 and Series 3, with a combined CBBC and BBC One average of 1.29 million viewers and only one of the twelve episodes with fewer than a million – The Nightmare Man: Part One.  The most-watched episode, surprisingly, was not either side of the Doctor/Jo Grant fest known as Death of the Doctor, but rather Lost in Time: Part One, with 1.57 million viewers, just slightly below last year’s high mark, The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith, which guest-starred David Tennant and attracted 1.6 million Whovians.

By itself, the BBC One audience pulled in half a million viewers on average, which roughly matches the mean ratings Series 2 (which was broadcast on CBBC alone) acquired as a whole.

Another interesting bit to point out is the fact that for every Doctor Who series since 2005, the numbers started out massive but slowly dropped throughout the thirteen episodes.  This years’ Sarah Jane seems to have done just the opposite; The Nightmare Man was a relatively quiet premiere, but the series gradually ascended throughout the run, at least until Lost in Time: Part Two, where there seems to have been a fairly significant drop that affected the number of those who saw the finale, Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith.  Still, it wasn’t catastrophic, because as previously stated, every episode this year except the first was seen by more than a million.

Head over to the Gallifrey News Base for a chart providing the numerical details of this year’s audience for each episode.

(Via Gallifreyan Embassy)

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