Series 5 The Original TV Soundtrack

Hot on the heels of the Specials Soundtrack, this 2-disc set from Silva Screen collects 63 pieces from Series 5 and once again proves that Murray Gold is one of the finest composes around at the moment. It would take an age to review each one so here are the selected highlights from this emotional release.

Doctor Who Series 5 SoundtrackIt kicks off with what I consider to be one of the best arrangements of the theme tune so far, Doctor Who Xl is electronic, orchestral and eerie with the bombastic touch that will be heard throughout the season. This is followed by Down To Earth which seems to be an extension from The New Doctor which ended The Specials run. Again it’s a loud and truly powerful track which gets you psyched up and ready for the action which would have been unfolding.

Drums play a major part in The Sun’s Gone Wibbly taking the score into an experimental trip. With the subtle use of electronic beeps and a brass section being reigned in for once it allows a chorus of finely tuned voices to raise the tempo. The now famous “Pah Pah Pah” ending heralds the new era properly, stamping Matt Smith’s mark as the new Doctor.

These themes continue with I Am The Doctor, another crowd pleasing piece that has the full orchestra belting out on all cylinders that add pace to the narrative. Again the gentle introduction of brass returns with the “Pah Pah Pah” trademark fully in place.

Amy’s Theme from The Beast Below is just incredible. Playful with a gentle piano that strokes across a velvet voice that simply seem to be making up random “do, do, dos” to accompany it. Child-like until a dark turn towards the end this proves that there was more to Amy than just being another companion and another beautiful composition.

In a totally different world A Useful Striker is a rockier piece retaining the up tempo feel the collection exudes and even has a sort of playfulness to it and sums up episode from which it came, The Lodger. I bet you’ll be clapping along towards the end!

The Sad Man With A Box is another piano lead piece and packed with as much melancholy and one track can handle. Slightly hypnotic with a nice use of harp and strings it mixes a soft vocal it builds and builds to a loud and triumphant ending that is as hopeful as it can be and uses the recurring themes heard in the first few tracks.

The final two pieces, I Remember You and Onwards! lead the way for the Christmas Special, holding your hand (well ears anyway) into exciting new adventures that promise more excitement, mystery and brilliantness.

This is another “must have” collection from Murray Gold and the smart conduction of Ben Foster makes sure the BBC National Orchestra Of Wales wring every ounce emotion from it. Joyous and perfectly inventive.

Out now, you can purchase Doctor Who: Series 5 The Original TV Soundtrack from Amazon for just £8.99!

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James has been a Doctor Who fan for as long as he can recall. A child of the 70s and 80s, he weathered all the storms and controversies the show encountered, though he didn’t buy the “Doctor In Distress” single.

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