The Silent Speculation

What exactly is The Silence? Is it a Freudian Ingmar Bergman film? A rubbish Alexandra Burke song? The name of a band that eventually became Mott the Hoople (now that would be an episode!) Its all these things and more, much more if Piers Wenger is to be believed.

For Wenger has been kind enough, if not to spill the beans to Sci Fi Magazine , then to at least dribble a little onto our collective metaphorical floor, dismissing all of the Doctors past enemies in one fell comment:

“Steven’s [Moffat] not a big fan of using monsters from the classic series or monsters that we’ve seen before, so we’ve got quite a lot of new monsters this coming year. There’s going to be a monster that recurs, that we’ve heard referenced in the series already, but which we’ve never actually seen the physical manifestation of, and it’s called The Silence. It will be a recurrent theme and will have an ongoing significance.”

I’ll say it’ll have significance. In fact, i don’t have to because Wenger also dropped something a little significant himself about the mute menace:

“We’ll see [The Silence] in its physical form, but that is something that is already established in many ways. It figured in the last series but we’re going into the true terror of them, the horror of their species and their needs. It’s going to emerge next year.”

What could this mean? Don’t ask me; ask the Internet by commenting below people!

(via DoctorWhoTV)


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