Top Five Doctor Who Moments of 2010

The end of the year is here and – predictably – it’s time for faceless cabals of critics and writers to tell all and sundry what made their jobs palatable! So with that festive spirit in mind let’s take a look back, in five small doses, over the Doctor’s adventures on screen in 2010!

5) “I’m the Doctor” from The Eleventh Hour

After sending the Atraxi packing, the ‘still cooking’ Doctor then decides to haul them all the way back again for a little chat. A quick change of clothing (and a brief flashing of flesh for the ladies/chaps) he’s up on the hospital roof, sending a chilling, utter idiosyncratic warning to the invading aliens that this planet is defended – giving us a brief flash of every Doctor before stepping through their hollogramatic faces to deliver the first of many fantastic lines in the new series: “I’m the Doctor; basically…run!”

4) James Corden from The Lodger

We at Kasterborous were guilty of a little James Corden bashing: He’s the host of a rubbish sports quiz! He’s the writer of the ultimate Marmite sitcom Gavin & Stacey! He had a tiff with Charles Xavier! But come the credits of The Lodger, all was forgiven. A fantastically sweet performance and a brilliant bit of comedy sparing with Matt Smith. All apologies, Corden!

3) “Hello Stonehenge!” from The Pandorica Opens

Considering he doesn’t do armies or war, the Doctor doesn’t half know how to rally the troops in the face of unimpeachable odds.  His speech to the massing ships is one of the best since Voyage of the Damned, since The Waters of Mars, it’s a moment we would all be talking about if the rest wasn’t so magnificent.

2) Poor Mr Jorgensen from The Lodger

Cold calling will never be the same for the unsuspecting Mr Jorgensen…first, i can’t imagine what the Doctors sales technique was like being as he had difficulties dealing face to face with humans and secondly, and more importantly, was he still on the line after the Doctor had eaten his biscuit?

1) Fez’s are cool.

To cap off the list, a little doffing of the um… cap to the Doctor’s and Matt’s latest sartorial cul de sac’s: the Fez!


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