Twelve Days of Christmas is featuring a special “Twelve Days of Christmas” over the next week or so, with a series of Doctor Who articles and essays from a series of special guest posters.

Each writer will focus on a particular Doctor, as follows….

December 26th, U.K. author George Mann will be celebrating the First Doctor, William Hartnell!

December 27th, Eisner Award-winning graphic novelist and children’s book author Nick Abadzis will be celebrating the Second Doctor, Patrick Troughton!

December 28th, Paul Cornell will be celebrating the Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee!

December 29th, Nicholas Whyte will be celebrating the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker!

December 30th, artist Pia Guerra will be celebrating the Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison!

December 31st, writer Josiah Rowe will be celebrating the Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker!

January 1st, author Seanan McGuire will be celebrating the Seventh Doctor, Sylvester McCoy!

January 2nd, Steve Mollmann will be celebrating the Eighth Doctor, Paul McGann!

January 3rd, noted SFF critic Graham Sleight will be celebrating the Ninth Doctor, Christopher Eccleston!

January 4th, Brooklyn burlesque queen Nasty Canasta will be celebrating the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant!

January 5th, we have two separate takes on the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, from editors Lynne M. Thomas and Tara O’Shea, as well as comics writer and Boom Studios! editor-in-chief Mark Waid!

January 6th, blogger Jason Henninger will be celebrating Twelfth Doctors! are also spoiling Doctor Who fans with additional posts on the series’ music, fashion and time travel mechanics, not to mention the obligatory review of A Christmas Carol.

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