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Popular ITV soap Coronation Street celebrates its 50th anniversary this year and the team behind it are some very familiar faces indeed!

As well as a live episode to be screened this week, there’s also been a pre recorded transmission that’s seen an almighty explosion in the street that’s killed off a few residents thanks to a tram derailing. And all this has been overseen by the show’s newest Producer, Phil Collinson!

Phil produced Doctor Who with Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner from 2004-2008, giving Who fans some of the greatest and most epic stories ever seen. Assigned to Coronation Street’s climactic episode, full of explosions, death, tears and high drama is Graeme Harper- another well known Doctor Who player. Graeme direct classics from the 1980’s Doctor episodes such as The Caves of Androzani and Revelation of the Daleks. Most recently, he directed 2009’s The Waters of Mars.

And while Phil and Graeme are creating the “real life” action, the behind the scenes visual effects are being created by the clever people at The Mill, the company responsible for all of Doctor Who’s visual effects from 2005 onwards! Collinson commented in Doctor Who Magazine:

“It’s like a Doctor Who reunion! Working on this is myself, [Doctor Who director] Graeme Harper, [Doctor Who special effects supervisor] Danny Hargreaves and Arwel Wyn Jones from the Doctor Who art department…when I started thinking about what we would do for the 50th, and I knew it was going to be this big and this involved, I…knew who I wanted. The people who will just get you through…

“It is quite relentless and it is a huge disaster! There will always be some nice little elements, things I learnt on Doctor Who, like we can do some big shots from an 80-foot crane and paint in the rest of Weatherfield with CGI.”

Coronation Street is now considered the world’s longest running soap, thanks to the demise of America’s As The World Turns, and it’s fantastic to see that so many people that were responsible for bringing back one of television’s most national treasures are now overseeing the exciting production of another.

To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Coronation Street, the live episode is being shown on Thursday 9th December between 8pm-9pm, tune in!

Meanwhile if you can make it to Manchester this weekend, don’t miss out on Corriefest at The Lass O’Gowrie, where you might find an appearance by former Doctor Who producer Phil Collinson as well as The Guv’nor himself, Graeme Harper!

Find out more on the Facebook Corriefest event page, or order tickets now from www.wegottickets.com.

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