Whovian Jewellery!

Accessories are important. Imagine Turlough without his school tie, the Fourth Doctor without his scarf, Matt and Pat without their cool bow ties and the seventh Doctor without his brolly.

Being human and stuck in one place in time and space means that we may have a little less freedom in our choices but one great place to look for additions to your manner of dress is Annabel Graham’s Wearable Whovian Jewellery.

Annabel is a one woman producer of items that are inspired from the series, including such novel ideas as a pendant in the shape of a man who happens to have two hearts, bow tie and fez charms and even a necklace that when decoded spells out “Chameleon Circuit” the broken component on the TARDIS that would allow the TARDIS to be as shrouded as the necklace’s hidden message. Annabel also takes inspiration from the excellent work of the Doctor Who design team, such as her Eye Candy item, which pulls from the new multicolured Dalek design. Other items that have no copyright, such as the police box shape the TARDIS has been stuck in or a charm that states “I love Who” with a heart image (two, naturally) replacing the word love, allow for even more Who centric pieces.

BBC copyright forbids her from using most of the iconic images from the series, but that means that the ingenuity of the jewelry is higher not lower, as Annabel must think out side the box, as she herself tells Kasterborous:

“As a Whovian Artist it’s about celebrating the programme and all it incubuses…I’m not in competition with the producers of the show and want to explore the realm of the public forum and originality. Whovian Art is not to be confused with Fan Art, which often uses copyrighted material directly into the artwork – Whovian artists have to be original. “

Working from her garage in Hamilton, New Zealand, Annabel works with a variety of metals, with some pieces being available in such choices as sterling silver or bronze, the whole operation has a good sense of professionalism to it which it should, as Annabel had studied the jewelery making craft at Wintec school the skill shows in the variety and quality of her work.

Anabel makes her products at times from items that happen to be on hand and this has lead to more creativity and spontaneity then might be possible otherwise. The fact that at time the designs of the pieces are effected by the very metal they are made with speaks volumes about how the design travels from Anabel’s initial paper sketches to the finished product.

Professionally Annabel has worked in the commercial embroidery and signage design fields, but the skills she learned while getting her Bachelor’s in 3D design really comes into play with her jewelery work, such as studying Edward De Bono’s teachings on lateral thinking as it relates to design, something that means much more thinking outside the box to solve problems, even if the particular box is a Sterling Silver police box charm.

Doctor Who has always been known for the loyalty and creativity of it’s fans, and the success of the current incarnation as well as instant worldwide communication such as the internet has allowed such creative endeavors to become popular rather then remaining underground, but at the end of the day it is all about love for a television series and the inspiration that comes from it.

For Annabel Graham, the Doctor has touched her life just as much as some of the people the Doctor saves and interacts with on television and this is the real Doctor Who. The one that was intended to teach people just as they intended forty seven years ago, maybe not quite as planned, but in ways never foreseen in the sixties.

Annabel is one of many Doctor Who artists, writers and creators that uses her love of the show to meld fantasy into a little bit of our real world, but as Annabel herself with tell you, her work is created to be “Proud to wear in public” and her love of the show comes out when she talks about what the Doctor and his journeys mean to her, her work and her life.

“[The Doctor] is my all-time hero. I’ve found that I enjoy every new doctor as the different faces of the same man. Like chapters in our own lives, some being better than others. With such content being filtered through the generations, it has become part of our everyday lives. “

Roll on Annabel.

Now, as you’re good with metal, howabout making me a ‘really works’ TARDIS key…?

Find out more abotu Annabel’s Wearable Whovian Jewellery at www.whovianjewellery.com!


Tom has been a Doctor Who fan since the early eighties and has developed a deep love and admiration for the show and its universe in that time.

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