Why Don’t You Whoogle It?

According to a recent study performed by the search-engine-and-Chrome-loving company in question, Doctor Who is among the the UK’s most Googled television shows for 2010!

The 47-year-old programme that should be number one on the list came in fourth for TV-related UK searches this year, behind EastEnders, The X Factor, and everyone’s favourite children’s show about older siblings, Big Brother.

Just as an experiment, we headed over to the Google home page and began to enter each letter in ‘Doctor Who’ to see how many letters it would take before it could guess what we were talking about.  As you can see in this screenshot, we only had to type ‘doc‘ before Google knew to place a ‘tor who‘ alongside.

Then we remembered that this test was being conducted on this article’s writer’s base camp of North America, where Who sadly still has a mere (albeit growing) cult following, so we tried again at Google.co.uk and got a very similar result, with ‘doctor who’ appearing when only three letters were punched in.  It’s apparent to us that Doctor Who is a common search on either side of the pond, and perhaps next year it’ll be even more popular than Big Brother (it’d better be)!

Other top UK searches that had nothing to do with Doctor Who and little to do with good television included Cheryl Cole at number one for music-related individuals or groups, Twilight: Eclipse sadly edging out the latest Harry Potter movie in the film category, and the World Cup and the Olympics serving as a sports duet in event searches.

(Via BBC News)

Patrick Riley


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