A Town Called Fortune

Many, many years ago in Doctor Who, we were treated to a 1960’s story called The Gunfighters. The first Doctor and his friends found themselves in the Wild West when the Doctor needed to cure his toothache (who else but the Doctor would end up there for that?) the story itself is not well regarded as one of the treasures of Doctor Who legend but has certain merits that give it a nostalgic feel.  With A Town called Fortune we relive the same experience.

Finding themselves on a train to the aforementioned town of Fortune, the Doctor and Evelyn quickly find trouble, the Doctor wanted for murder before he’s even arrived. Jumping from the train, the Doctor promptly gets himself arrested and Evelyn must find help fast.

As a Companion Chronicle, this is told from the perspective of Evelyn and what a joy it is to have her back in the fold. For too long the Sixth Doctor has been spending time with Peri, Jamie and Zoe when, let’s face it, the partnership of this arrogant and egotistical Doctor is always balanced well against the no nonsense view that Evelyn brings with her.

Sound design and direction are brilliant for this particular story, one can truly believe that they are lost in the old Wild West of yesteryear, with Saloons and bar fights described and bought to life in a varied and detailed way. Maggie Stables tells this well written story at a wonderful pace that takes you back to the days of Jackanory storytelling from the BBC. Like many of the Big Finish actors and actresses, she not only brings the variation of characters that she reads for to life, she also manages to capture Colin Baker’s mannerisms excellently, dialogue between the two lead characters certainly flows well.

The musical score is reminiscent of The Two Doctors, which certainly helps the listener to envisage the dry sun kissed Wild West for a greater audio experience. This piece is certainly not the be all and end all for Big Finish’s range, the lack of an alien menace certainly slows the story a little more than usual but sit back on a slow Sunday afternoon with a cup of tea and some crumpets and you’ll find that you’ll be drawn into a story that you’ll find hard not to enjoy.

Written by Paul Sutton and directed by Lisa Bowerman, with Richard Cordery as Sam, A Town Called Fortune is available now from Big Finish – visit www.bigfinish.com for more information!


What happens when an eight year old kid watches the 1993 repeat run of Planet of the Daleks? He pretty much ends up here writing about the show that grabbed hold of him and never let go!

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