Doctor Who. In French. Right Now.

What with all our coverage of Doctor Who in France lately, you must be wondering what the show actually sounds like dubbed over.

Sure, perhaps if you’ve been really curious, you’ll have already jumped to YouTube and searched for something to the effect of “Doctor Who en français.”  But if you never bothered to put all that effort in, as it really is a hefty task moving that mouse all the way to the address bar and typing the the name of a popular video site, why not just head over to this France-Télévisions-hosted page featuring Matt Smith’s first two episodes, in their entirety, in French!

I would refer to these stories by name, The Eleventh Hour and The Beast Below, except in France the titles are a little different: Le Prisonnier Zéro and La bête des bas-fonds. The latter tale translates correctly, but the former has clearly been changed, possibly due to a language difference that would prevent French-speakers from understanding the slight pun Steven Moffat intended with The Eleventh Hour.

For a full list of the French titles of all thirteen parts of Series 5/Season 31, head over to the video page that has just been linked to again as it is quite a challenge transporting that cursor all the way up to the previous paragraph.

As I’m writing this, I’ve got La bête des bas-fonds playing in the background (which, annoyingly enough, just decided to stop buffering about 29 minutes in; let us know in the comments if you have the same problems).  The voices seem slightly out of place to those of us who are quite familiar with what Matt Smith and Karen Gillan actually sound like, but considering the Eleventh Doctor’s habit of extremely rapid speech, the voice talents are unbelievably… er, talented.

The first three episodes of saison cinq will be broadcast on Saturday 12 February starting at 8:35 PM on France 4.  In related news, France Télévisions have recently announced plans for a French DVD release of saison quatre (Series 4).  We’ll give you a release date as soon as we hear of its announcement.

To discuss Series 5 with French people, learn the language as fast as you can (if you don’t already know it) and join the Beans on Toast forum!  To discuss Doctor Who with English (and Welsh, Scottish, and Earthling) people, come have a drink with us at the Kasterborous forum!

(Thanks a million, Aurélie!)

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