Eve’s at It Again

Let no golden calf go untouched! Waking the Dead star Trevor Eve is back on the rampage, and again he has Doctor Who set firmly in his sights.

The veteran actor who was promoting new ITV drama Kidnap and Ransom, slammed the BBC’s spending on Doctor Who and enjoyable man-trash Top Gear – whose commercial success Eve believes has had a damaging effect on ‘Intellectually Stimulating Programming’  or, as I’m now calling it ISP, ahead of the Eve-led Television Revolution (which will be televised.)

Trevor Eve – pictured here in romcom “intellectual” movie She’s Out of My League in which he stars with his daughter Alice – told his feelings on Doctor Who to the Radio Times:

”The programme is great, but it was created for kids in 1963… I’m not saying everything popular is bad, but it’s desperate when nothing can exist unless it achieves financial rewards.’

Far be it for us to criticise anyone who wishes to promote ISP but the one thing Eve doesn’t do is promote intellectually stimulating drama – and it’s difficult to see how he could.

There may be the odd project that crosses his lap through his agent and his own production company Projector Pictures but are we to believe that Eve purely chooses his projects on the worthiness of their ideas? Is Eve’s name big enough to help anyone who has written such a worthy script,  get there foot in the door?

Eve obviously has some clout, although it’s difficult not to imagine the Mail passing up an opportunity to print an anti-BBC story from someone who has previous experience attacking the BBC’s sacred cows.

And what exactly are the BBC to do in Eve-niverse? There not likely to turn around and say: “Well, this long running kids programme is great and all, and its making us a comet sized amount of money but in the name of intellectually stimulating drama (like the stuff we have on BBC 2 and BBC Four every night) and equality- we’re going to cut its budget so the people can finally see Trevor Eve and Shane Richie in Beckett’s Ohio Impromptu.”

Doctor Who maybe a children’s programme (abeit a Hugo Award winning one) but body bothering Walking the Dead was a detective crime series, and you can’t press any random number on your remote without finding eight million of those clogging up your screen and denying you ISP.

So, what do we make of Trevor Eve? Is he just being a grumpy old man or does he have a genuine point about the state of drama?

Your thoughts please…

(via Daily Mail)


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