Fish Fingers and Custard 3

Okay, a little late on reporting this one, but hey – I’ve been busy fighting cavities on Marinus (teeth are much more sinister than Voords) with the rest of the Kasterborous staff, so cut me a little slack!

If you’re already missing last month’s Yuletide cheer, why not have a read through the ‘All I Want For Christmas’ issue of the Fish Fingers and Custard fanzine?  Especially if all you wanted for Christmas was David Tennant… you may not have unwrapped him (at least not the real him) this year, but you can always read about his groupies in “An Absolute Fangirl Guide to David Tennant,” one of this month’s featured articles.  Or you can follow Fish Custard editor Daniel Gee and his misadventures in a Glasgow convention, which involve encounters with Nick Courtney (Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart), Georgia Moffett (Jenny), and Katy Manning (Jo Grant) in rapid succession.  Also found within Issue 3’s pages: Bob the Builder Time Lord, a look at the history of Doctor Who computer games, Kasterborous’ own Thomas Spychalski on Jelly Babies, and myself on the most recent season of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

To enjoy the wonders of Fish Custard without actually eating it, you can download a free PDF copy of Issue 3 to your computer at the fanzine website, an excellent choice for Kindle/iPad users or folks who just prefer reading on a computer.  If you’d rather have paper to peruse through, you can also order the printed version for £2 UK, £3 Not-UK.  And if you’re a Fish Custard superfan (or just want your name printed in the fanzine) you can even subscribe to a year’s worth (4 issues) starting with Issue 4 for £8 UK, £13 Not-UK.

If you need to catch up on Fish Custard’s past, here’s the links to Issue 1 and Issue 2.

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