Five Inches of Crime-Fighting Hotness

Doctor Who - Amy Pond and the Pandorica alternative figureRemember the ‘Build-Your-Own Pandorica‘ of yestermonth?  It’s back, and now it’s got a variable!

If you’re dissatisfied with your Amy Pond figure in her normal outfit, get her Eleventh Hour/A Christmas Carol Kissogram garments instead!  This rare example of five-inch-tall plastic miniskirted goodness will be an instant hit with all your mates to whom you show off your Who collection to.

Plus, take her out of the packaging and sit her on your pillow and you can fulfill your lifelong dream of falling asleep beside Karen Gillan every night!  Trust us, no one will think you’re mad or frightening; it’s perfectly socially acceptable for a grown human to sleep with an action figure and shout it from the rooftops.  Honest.  Try it.

We dare you.

Like the Amy “Ho Hum” Pond figure, the Amy “Smokin’ Hot Law Enforcement Officer” Pond comes with one of six faces to your Pandorica audiobook set; there’s nothing new to see here, it’s still Doctor Who and the Cave Monsters Part 1.  If you already have the normal Amy figure and were hoping to hear Part 2, you’ll want the Silurian Warrior.

The RRP of the Police-Pond-Pandorica from Character Options is £9.99; however, if you purchase online through Forbidden Planet, you can save a quid and get it for £8.99 instead!

Patrick Riley


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